• Catalytic Project: Category B (projects in preparation)

Project description

The development comprises improvements in landscaping, public walkways, street lights, street furniture and CCTV cameras to create a safe and an aesthetically pleasing physical environment to bring back investor confidence in the inner-city.

It also involves the conversion of Shepstone Road to a 2-way, to allow for a more pedestrian friendly environment, which is in line with the vision of the Local Area Plan (LAP).

Locality of the Rivertown Precinct development

Socio-economic benefits

  • Investment Value: R1.3-billion
  • Annual Rates: R35-million
  • Construction Jobs: 1 500
  • Permanent Jobs: 3 000
  • Other:
    • Connected city
    • Accessible city
    • Walkable city
    • Aesthetically pleasing environment
    • Bring back investor confidence in the Inner-city
    • Eradicate criminality
    • Improve quality of the physical environment
Artist’s impression

Project status*

  • An Urban Design vision has been completed for Rivertown precinct and is included in the Central Precinct within the Inner-city LAP and regeneration strategy.
  • The Beerhall is being revamped and the public realm upgrades of streets surrounding are underway.
  • Propertuity is the major developer in the precinct, buying and converting old and dilapidated buildings for mixed use development in line with the Inner-city LAP.

Key issues / challenges

  • Obtaining buy-in converting Shepstone Road and Mahatma Ghandi into 2-way.
  • Architecture implementing a cardboard recycling plant within the precinct.
  • Sourcing appropriate funding model for social or gap housing.

Response and way forward

  • Meeting with DPDC, UM-SUNRISE and City departments to formulate a framework that would address all the needs of the different stakeholders within the Point and Rivertown Precincts.
  • Convert Shepstone Road into 2-way as a pilot project.

*At time of publication

Contact / enquire

For the most current update on opportunities, project progress, outstanding actions and investment requirements, please contact Invest Durban.