Catalytic Project: Category B (in preparation)

Project description

Located on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and uniquely positioned adjacent to the Dube TradePort/King Shaka International Airport precinct, Inyaninga is a planned development that also enjoys provincial road (R102) and rail access.

The development comprises a mix of land uses including industrial, logistics, business, commercial and residential. The development could potentially yield a 200 ha platform for industrial and logistics, 20 000 m² commercial bulk, 7 500 residential units and 300 ha open space. Inyaninga presents an opportunity for bulk sale of land (either with or without development approvals) or a partnership model. (Source: Tongaat Hulett Developments).

Summary of planned development:
  • Inyaninga will be a major multi-modal logistics hub, located at the nexus of road, rail, sea and air links and integrated with both residential and commercial activities.
  • It is positioned within the core Aerotropolis area and is set to comprise a mix of land uses, inclusive of industrial, logistics, business, commercial and residential.
Inyaninga Integrated Development – site map

Project status*

  • Planning: High-level planning is well advanced, with all specialist reports being completed.
  • Environmental: The EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) is in an advanced stage in collaboration with the local municipality and Dube TradePort.

Socio-economic benefits

  • Investment Value: R35-billion
  • Annual Rates: R500-million
  • Construction Jobs: 63,967
  • Permanent Jobs: 13,289
  • Other benefits: It will play a role of knitting together the areas of Verulam, Tongaat and rural areas west of the Airport with residential, social and employment opportunities

Key issues / challenges

  • Broader Development Intentions: Broader studies for the Aerotropolis core are underway to inform the various developments, including iNyaninga. These include broader environmental as well as traffic studies.
  • Bulk Infrastructure: Major infrastructure upgrades will be required to unlock the area for development.

Response and way forward

  • Broader Studies: ETA and Environmental Department to expedite the approval of these broader studies to unlock the specific developments in the area such as Inyaninga.
  • Bulk Infrastructure: The budgeting for and roll-out of the necessary bulk infrastructure to be carefully co-ordinated within the context of the broader Aerotropolis master planning and anticipated market take up in the area.

*As at March 2017

Contact / enquire

For the most current update on opportunities, project progress, outstanding actions and investment requirements, please contact Invest Durban.