Welcome to the summit where infrastructure connects people, places and opportunities.

Infrastructure Africa will be hosted over two days, scheduled as follows:

Day 1:
  • Infrastructure Africa Business Forum
  • Exhibition Showcase
  • African Infrastructure Ministerial Roundtable
Day 2:
  • Infrastructure Africa Business Forum
  • Exhibition Showcase

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Africa, with a population exceeding 1 billion people is well placed as an emerging market, keen for investment and growth. The 7th annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum will present stakeholders with an opportunity to unpack the enormous growth potential in addressing Africa’s infrastructure needs.

The 2 day Infrastructure Africa Business Forum will bring together business to explore new trading opportunities, establish new business networks, develop and form partnerships and plan a way forward to address some of the continent’s requirements.

The Infrastructure Africa Company Showcase is highly relevant to companies involved in services relating to infrastructure development in Africa. This extends to services for major infrastructure projects, rural development, urbanisation and cross border PIDA projects.

By taking a booth and showcasing your company at the event you will have the opportunity to network and promote your company to business counterparts, international investors, buyers and governments from across Africa.

Learn more: www.infrastructure-africa.com