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USD95-million Kumasi City Mall, Ghana, opens on 20 April 2017

The new Kumasi City Mall in Ghana’s city of Kumasi will open on 20 April 2017. Kumasi is a city in the Ashanti region and is amongst the largest metropolitan areas of Ghana.

It is leading property developer and investor Atterbury’s fourth successful retail development in Ghana. Atterbury’s first trio of prior successful developments in the country are all in Ghana’s capital, Accra: Accra Mall, Westhills Mall, and Achimota Retail centre.

The world-class 18 500 m² modern mall, with potential for a future 10 000 m² expansion, will give the city of Kumasi its first one-stop environment with shopping and entertainment under one roof when it opens next month.

While the mall’s public opening is in April, its formal launch will take place in early May 2017, under the auspices of the Ashanti King, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Atterbury is developing Kumasi City Mall for its owners, Delico Property Investments, Ghana Linited and AttAfrica has been appointed asset manager and is responsible for its day-to-day running and operations.

Hannatjie Ludick, asset manager for AttAfrica says: “We are fully aware of the cultural significance of Otumfuo’s blessing for businesses in Ashanti and are therefore excited that his Royal Highness accepted to personally perform the official commissioning of the mall. We expect a large crowd of people to visit the mall during the first two weeks of openin and believe that the entertainment programme supported by a strong PR strategy is the right approach.

Cobus van Heerden, of Atterbury Property Development.
Cobus van Heerden, of Atterbury Property Development.

Cobus van Heerden, Retail director of Atterbury Property Development, says: “This is the first big development we have undertaken in Kumasi, and it has been an absolute pleasure doing business in the city.”

He adds: “We are optimistic about Ghana and Kumasi City Mall, notwithstanding the challenging economic context in West Africa and competition. There’s a growing positive feeling about Ghana in the market. With its new president, there is also renewed confidence and positive sentiment about Ghana. Kumasi City Mall is perfectly timed for this upsurge in confidence.”

Kumasi City Mall’s anchor tenants are Shoprite and Walmart brand Game, with the new shopping centre supporting the growth of both retailers in the region. The mall’s retail mix includes food, convenience, banking, services, fashion, electronics and a cinema, club and children’s games for entertainment, with a long list of local retail brands.

Ludick adds: “The mall, like its Accra counterparts, is not without its challenges, strategically securing the right retailers has been a big focus and leasing decisions are made with the future sustainability of the retailers and the mall in mind. A project such as Kumasi deserves a very meticulous approach. The mall is destined for success and we expect strong trading conditions to follow within the first 6 months of opening.”

The mall’s tenant mix and architecture combine to create a unique setting, perfectly matched to the shopping trends of the local Ashanti, as well as visitors to the region.

Kumasi Mall is enclosed on either end, with a semi-enclosed food court at its heart.

“It’s food court serves as an excellent third anchor. It responds to the outgoing and social nature of the people of Kumasi by offering a vibrant dining and entertainment space with generous seating and shaded areas,” explains van Heerden.

With superb access from the Eastern Bypass of the city’s main ring road, Kumasi City Mall is nestled between the dual carriageway Lake Road, Hudson Road, Yaa Asantewa Road, and Kofi Adomako Street.

It has a prominent road frontage, generous undercover and on-grade parking, and is accessible from both a specially created slip lane off Lake Road and at its intersection with Hudson Road. There’s also a large taxi drop-off and pick-up facility right in front of the mall.

Kumasi literally means ‘Under the Kum tree’ (Kum Ase) in the Twi language. Before 1700 a village bloomed from under a certain “kum” tree. The flower is portrayed in the mall’s logo. The tree flourished and so did the village, growing into a powerful political, commercial and cultural centre. True to its name, this retail asset has blossomed over its 24-month development period, making a positive impact in its community, bringing opportunities for employment and giving a boost to the local economy.

Designed in a joint venture between South African architect practice Boogertman + Partners and Ghanaian practice MultiCAD, the mall incorporates steel, concrete, and wood, in an elegant design inspired by an African tree, which branches out to create a roof canopy. Together, its many different tree-shaped columns create a forest, illuminated by plenty of natural light from beautiful African skies.

“Kumasi City Mall’s leading design is inspired by its setting, which makes it an asset to be proud of,” says van Heerden.

All firms in Kumasi City Mall’s professional team operated with local partners for the delivery of professional services. The mall’s development and construction has boosted jobs in the area and will continue to do so as part of its ongoing operation.

“We are incredibly proud of Kumasi City Mall and we are confident that it will make a real difference for its community,” notes van Heerden. Ludick echoes van Heerden’s sentiments about community upliftment, “Job creation is important to the people of Kumasi, and it would be insensitive to the community not to incorporate local service providers and suppliers in the on-going management of the mall.”

Another two Atterbury shopping centre developments in sub-Saharan Africa are set to open in the next six months. In partnership with Tradehold Africa, Atterbury is developing the 7 000 m² Pemba Shopping in Mozambique that is set to open in June. In partnership with Safland International, Atterbury is also developing the 27 000 m² Dunes Mall in Walvis Bay, Namibia, that is scheduled to open in October this year.

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