Enter your energy innovation for Africa and stand a chance to win!

Who may enter?

  • Individuals who are between 18 to 35 years old; AND
  • Have citizenship to any country in Africa

What is the qualifying criteria for entering your innovation?

Your innovation should address these key areas:
  1. Energy Security: Can your innovation help with effective management of energy supply, reliability of energy infrastructure, or meet a specific set of current and future demands?
  2. Environmental Sustainability: Does your innovation provide clean renewable or low carbon supply energy?
  3. Energy Equity: Can your innovation improve accessibility and affordability of energy in Africa?
  4. Job creation: Could your innovation create jobs?
  5. Target customers: Who is the innovation going to benefit? For example Utilites / Rural communities / Corporates etc.?
  6. Customer value: What are the key benefits of your innovation to customers?
  7. Your unique value proposition: How will you differentiate and position yourself?

Why should you enter your energy innovation?

  • The winner will receive the Best Innovator Award and will be recognized at the Africa Energy Indaba 2018 in Johannesburg.
  • The winner and the 4 runners-up will each receive an all-inclusive ticket to attend the Africa Energy Indaba 2018 and showcase their innovations in a 2-day exhibition. This will provide the following benefits:
    • Publicity and exposure of the winning innovations to local and international market opportunities
    • Access to exclusive Business Matchmaking networking program to meet with potential investors
    • Opportunity to meet key public and private sector stakeholders
    • The possibility of attracting funding or sponsorship

When can you enter?

Submissions are now open! You can enter from 30 October 2017 and entries close on 15 January 2018. No late entries will be accepted.

How to enter:

Download the Proposal Submission Form and submit the completed forms with any diagrams and pictures to deveena@energyindaba.co.za

For more information visit www.africaenergyindaba.co.za/ayei

Have you registered for the Africa Energy Week? Join us at the Africa Energy Indaba!

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