NOSA Testing is method accredited to offer the following exposure monitoring range of analysis, suited to the needs of the occupational/industrial hygiene, as well as Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) sectors. These services are available to a broad range of industries, including mining, petrochemical, manufacturing, chemical and agriculture.

All sample media is:
  • inclusive of analysis cost
  • available for order from our Gauteng Midrand laboratory
  • ready for dispatch to you at your desired quantity.

Sample media ranges from filters (MCE, PVC, glass fibre), asbestos cowls, charcoal tubes, radiellos® and OVMs.

NOSA Testing offers occupational hygiene analysis of the following NIOSH-accredited methods:

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To arrange for a service, please contact:

Keshav Beachen
NOSA Testing National Sales Manager
Tel: 071 442 9418 | Email: