Trading Heavy Metal Free

At Marley Pipe Systems, we have always been ahead of the curve in adopting innovative manufacturing methods that meet customer requirements and adhere to strict industry standards for quality plastic piping systems.

As an industry leader, Marley Pipe Systems recognises the importance of environmentally sustainable processes. In line with group policies, our holding company, Aliaxis, encouraged Marley Pipe Systems to adapt to a ‘lead free environment’ as early as 2006, and Marley Pipe Systems rose to adjust manufacturing systems to incorporate heavy metal free production during this time.

In July 2015, SABS regulations dictated that manufacturers of PVC pipes and fittings are required to remove heavy metals from their manufacturing processes if they wished to retain their SABS approval certification.

As a founding member of the SABS mark scheme, Marley Pipe Systems have a proud record of over 40 years of serving the South African market with quality approved drainage products. This is a commitment that Marley Pipe Systems will continue to honour.

We welcomed this new regulation within our industry and have been trading heavy metal free for over 10 years, thus guaranteeing that products manufactured at Marley sites are heavy metal free.

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