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Implementing Industry 4.0 technologies in Africa’s manufacturing environment

The KwaZulu-Natal Manufacturing Indaba, to be hosted in Durban from the 14 – 15 August 2019, is designed to accommodate industrialists, as well as those who lack proficiency in this arena, with an extensive technological knowledge.

African manufacturers are aspiring to raise their standards to increase efficiency of their enterprise operations through the comprehensive uptake of sophisticated technology such as IoT and IIoT i.e. Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things respectively. Dynamic, tech-savvy industrialists are resourcefully making use of innovative technology solutions to achieve improved quality control and an efficient supply chain, consequently shifting the status quo of the sector.

To discuss the rising prevalence of technology within the industrial realm, the KwaZulu-Natal Manufacturing Indaba will educate participants on the opportunities and challenges associated with the adoption of innovative technology in the manufacturing sector as well as how these revolutionary capabilities can lead industrialists to yield high-quality outputs.

Digitization, otherwise known as Industry 4.0 within the manufacturing sector, is considered the most profound and disruptive phenomenon in the world of business today. Increased reliance on computer and automation has rendered industries both self-reliant and efficient. Smart machines have immense capacity to compile, maintain and record a staggering amount of data which the average human mind is incapable of processing. In addition, Industry 4.0 allows manufacturers to optimize their operations by pinpointing and prioritizing the precise business components demanding attention.

Industrial Internet of Things

An astounding number of manufacturers are naturally adopting IIoT solutions, which enables them to employ smart sensors and actuators to simplify the manufacturing process and achieve quicker, more accurate results. IIoT renders it possible to utilize smart machines and real-time analytics to bring revolutionary changes to contemporary industrial settings. Smart machines assist industries in conducting efficient data analysis, subsequently enabling industry stakeholders to make well-informed and timely business decisions.

Further, IIoT enables industries to employ micro environmental sensors and complex industrial robots to improve the quality and overall efficiency of production output. IIoT-enabled machines provide manufactures the opportunity to achieve precise customer satisfaction levels by analyzing data regarding customer preferences and feedback, thereby tailoring their products accordingly.

Similarly, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) assists manufacturers in utilizing cloud platforms, sensors, machine-to-machine communications and data analytics for diverse purposes. By employing IoT, industries can optimize their operations through the application of the cloud environment to increase the productivity levels of manufacturing enterprises.

Recent findings have revealed that international manufacturing sectors are making record-high financial investments in IIoT technology. There is increasing emphasis on upskilling industrialists so that they are better equipped to employ such technologies to achieve more profitable outcomes. However, the challenge here lies in the fact that the greater part of African manufacturers lacks the necessary funding to engage in such innovative undertakings. In this regard, solid collaboration between African governments and the private sector can make the process of adopting technology more accessible to a wider spectrum of industrialists across the continent.

The KwaZulu-Natal Manufacturing Indaba, to be hosted in Durban from the 14 – 15 August 2019, is designed to accommodate industrialists, as well as those who lack proficiency in this arena, with an extensive technological knowledge.

Attending manufacturers with minimal digital know-how are set to acquire the vital foundations from which to gradually infiltrate relevant digital solutions into their business operations. Exclusive debates will focus on well-versed technological industrialists, ensuring to advance their existing knowledge base, thereby empowering them to take their manufacturing operations to new heights.

Attending this year’s Provincial KwaZulu-Natal Manufacturing Indaba is paramount to not only keeping afloat in these volatile times, but to forge ahead, enabling African manufacturers to harness the unique opportunities awaiting them and place them on an equal footing with international economies.

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