Mr Piet Potgieter (right), Chief Financial Officer of Columbus Stainless, handing a donation of 100 Years Memorabilia Stainless Steel Coins to the Principal of Middelburg High School, Mr Johan Stronkhorst (left).

Columbus Stainless recently donated 2000 Stainless Steel Tossing Coins to Middelburg High School in honour of their Centenary Celebrations. The ceremonial coins will be given to the school’s guests during the various events celebrating its centenary year.

The company, which is the only manufacturer of Stainless Steel in Africa, has been involved in numerous sponsorship activities at the school throughout the years. This is one of the many schools around Middelburg that have benefited from stainless steel donations which they used in the replacement of roofing and new palisade fencing. These roofs will outlast the current generation and still accommodate future generations to come. Columbus views education as key to community development and have focused their resources on supporting initiatives in this field.

“It is a real honour to have been given an opportunity to showcase the versatility of our stainless steel with this sponsorship. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to be part of this momentous occasion and know that this coin will be around for another 100 years”, said Columbus Stainless Chief Financial Officer, Mr Piet Potgieter.

As part of their social responsibility programme the company continues with the school plumbing project that has assisted fifteen schools in Middelburg and Mhluzi since its inception in August 2017.