Many manufacturing facilities in Africa are currently facing severe challenges with intermittent power supply. This severely limits their growth potential and power cuts can also damage machinery.

The Africa Energy Indaba is launching an Energy Solutions Pavilion, providing companies who have an energy solution that can support manufacturers with the opportunity to showcase their products to the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is an energy-intensive sector and load shedding has a negative impact on manufacturing and on attracting future investments. When load shedding occurs, machines are switched off and production stops. Over and above the potential loss of stock, the constant switching on-and-off can also damage the equipment, which can be extremely costly to repair or replace.

Solutions for manufacturers – to ensure sustainability and security of power supply – are in demand. These can combine integrated energy solutions to support production in the factories. Manufacturers are invited and are registering to visit the 2020 Africa Energy Indaba exhibition to source energy solutions to help their factories to continue with production.

We extend an invitation to companies who supply generators, UPS systems, batteries, solar rooftop solutions, etc. to exhibit at the Energy Solutions Pavilion.