An artist's impression of the C3 Corridor development (Credit: Invest Durban)

eThekwini Municipality has taken its public consultation sessions on the C3 Corridor Land Use Strategy to communities where presentations were made at the Pinetown Civic Centre on 23 October on proposed projects that are expected to unlock over 56 000 jobs.

The strategy outlines economic developmental opportunities that will support the sustainability of the C3 Corridor, which is a transport infrastructure project that spans from the North of the City to the Inner West. In her presentation, Lekha Allopi from the Municipality’s Catalytic Projects Office said the aim of hosting these consultative meetings is to urge business people to partner with the City to ensure the success of economic opportunities outlined by the strategy.

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Allopi said this strategy aims to create a vibrant, walkable and liveable City centre in Pinetown which will provide economic, residential, sporting and leisure opportunities for residents. She added that the socio-economic profile of the corridor will enable unprecedented connectivity to amenities. The Land Use Strategy includes seven stations which are; Moodie Street, Pinetown Civic Centre, Beviss Road, Henwood, Regent, Wyebank and Westrich.

In these areas, land has been identified for high rise mixed-use buildings which can be used for retail, offices, residential as well as public space creation such as parks and outdoor libraries with Wi-Fi access. In addition, Allopi said there are also plans of creating pedestrian bridges which will allow for safer access to the bus station.

There are also investment opportunities, which include state owned land, business centres and hubs and skills development. Ward 18 Councillor Melainie Brauteseth described the strategy as exciting, saying it will go a long way in creating jobs and reducing crime.

Brauteseth urged business people and residents to participate in this development.

Chairperson of the Economic Development and Planning Committee, Councillor Sipho Kaunda, said the strategy will fulfill the Municipality’s integrated development plan which seeks to develop a prosperous and diverse economy.

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