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Bringing together Africa’s Corporate Travel Professionals

Whether booking, buying, managing or supplying business travel products or services, ABTA Membership is a key advantage to assist you in information gathering, educational input and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

As the only corporate travel association focusing not just on South Africa but also Africa’s emerging markets, the African Business Travel Association (ABTA) provides a platform for corporate travel management stakeholders across the continent through education and the sharing of best practice.

The association holds region-specific events and facilitates information flow using various platforms in countries across Africa, including Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

These events bring together corporate travel buyers, travel management companies and industry suppliers from across Africa’s emerging markets and are the best attended events of their kind. These events allow all industry sectors the opportunity to engage with each other, share challenges, brainstorm solutions, identify trends and investigate best practice, thereby elevating the level of communication between sectors and building stronger industry practices.

ABTA has over 300 members and member companies spanning the African continent and all industry sectors. ABTA membership is a key advantage in assisting stakeholders and companies in information gathering, educational input and peer-to-peer networking opportunities whether they are booking, buying, managing or supplying business travel products or services.

Any individual with a direct or indirect involvement in business travel should become a member of ABTA, including:
  • Personal assistants
  • Travel bookers and coordinators
  • Travel buyers
  • Finance managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Supply chain and sourcing managers
  • Travel consultants
  • Travel agents and TMCs
  • Industry suppliers
  • Travel press
  • Academics.

Although ABTA initiatives are open and relevant to all industry sectors, educational focus is aimed at the corporate sector, with the belief that a better-educated buying community will drive the continued advancement of the business travel industry.

Through Education, Innovation and Collaboration, ABTA assists in raising the standard of the business travel sector across Africa; increases awareness of Africa among the global travel fraternity; assists members in adding value to their organisations; creates a platform for region-specific travel management education, networking opportunities and continued professional development; provides cross-border benchmarks on travel services, and finally, plays a pivotal role in Africa’s emergence as a global player in the business travel industry.

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