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Brazilian delegation participation at African Utility Week 2019 is expected to generate more than $5-million in business

Between May 13 and 16, 11 companies in the electrical and electronic industry participated as exhibitors at African Utility Week 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Supported by Apex-Brasil (The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) in partnership with Abinee (Brazilian Association of the Electrical and Electronics Industry), the international fair generated business of US$880-thousand, and US$5.3-million is expected for the next 12 months.

The synergy between Abinee, Apex-Brasil and the Consulate General of Brazil in Cape Town enabled networking through meetings and seminars with the distinguished participation of the Consul-General of Brazil in Cape Town, Mrs. Carmen Ribeiro Moura and a team specialized in strategic and relevant topics for Brazilian exhibitors at the fair.

It is worth mentioning that the business round contracted to support the companies during the fair, added to the visitors of the fair, generated 312 meetings held over three days of work, of which 264 are new contacts.

“In less than 3 years of Sector Project between Abinee and Apex-Brasil, the electrical and electronic industry breaks through barriers and reaches the African continent through South Africa with a team of 11 extremely qualified companies ready for the opportunities and challenges African Union Week 2019. In addition to South Africa, contacts were made with the United States, Namibia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, Lebanon, India, Angola, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. We will continue to support the sector through the sector project, in what concerns the export promotion and and foreign direct investment attraction with the objective of transforming the new contacts in realized businesses”, says the foreign affairs manager of Abinee, Giselle Hipólito.

Participating companies:
  1. Altus
  2. Brilliant Soluções para o Setor Elétrico LTDA
  3. Criem Imports LTDA
  4. Fame Fábrica de Aparelhos e Material Elétrico LTDA
  5. Indústria Eletromecânia Balestro LTDA
  6. Inova Sistemas Eletrônicos LTDA
  7. Lorenzetti S.A.
  8. Minipa do Brasil
  9. Montrel Controles Eletrônicos LTDA
  10. Nova Motores e Geradores Elétricos LTDA
  11. Olivo S/A – Produtos Elétricos
The Brazilian delegation at African Utility Week 2019.

About Electro-Electronic Brasil

The Electro-Electronic Brasil program is the result of the agreement between Abinee and Apex-Brasil (The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), with the objective of promoting foreign trade in the electric and electronic sector.

The initiative includes several commercial promotion actions, such as participation in fairs, missions, business roundtables, market studies, buyer projects, among others.

The program currently has 100 participating companies that together export 207 products to 134 destinations, covering the areas of industrial automation, electrical and electronic components, telecommunications, electrical installation material, industrial equipment, electronic security and GTD.


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