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AHUB programme at AfricaCom highlights critical role of entrepreneurship

AfricaCom 2018 provides countless opportunities to meet business-ready start-ups and to explore the breakthrough innovations in Africa’s tech ecosystem.

London, 11 October 2018 – In partnership with Africa’s leading accelerators and innovation hubs, the AHUB programme is designed to highlight the critical role of entrepreneurship in fuelling Africa’s digital economy and connect African tech start-ups and scale-ups to investors and corporate partners.

The programme will feature briefings for both start-ups and investors, as well as live pitch sessions from the most exciting start-ups on the continent, new AHUB start-up academy skills workshops, sector snapshots covering FinTech, digital health, agri-tech, clean energy and ICT4D, and lively panel discussions covering topics ranging from understanding investor mentalities to developing a disruptive mindset.

Unleashing the power of Africa’s tech start-up ecosystem

AfricaCom 2018 provides countless opportunities to meet business-ready start-ups and to explore the breakthrough innovations in Africa’s tech ecosystem.

Investors can listen to live pitches from the most exciting start-ups on the continent and attend ‘sector snapshot’ sessions to find out more about the latest innovations in fintech, blockchain, AI and more. Investors will also have the opportunity to visit country pavilions and meet the newest tech innovators and find out how to spot new opportunities in an age of digital disruption.

If you are a start-up or tech entrepreneur, the AHUB will enable you to share ideas, collaborate and connect with the most active and sophisticated VCs, funds and angel investors.

At the AHUB, start-ups and entrepreneurs can also learn how the investor community thinks and what they want to see from start-ups. Amplify your value proposition with media engagement tips and tricks designed especially for African start-ups. Hear from female entrepreneurs who have launched and scaled up their tech start-ups in Sub-Saharan Africa. Create a launch pad for success and explore the key elements of a winning team to grow your start-up. Find out why tech start-ups should partner with mobile network operators in Africa and learn more about the start-up ecosystem in Africa and where the risks and opportunities lie.

Entrepreneurship as an engine for economic growth

The three-day agenda is packed with thought-provoking and informative presentations. On the first day expect to hear about entrepreneurship as an engine for economic growth; stimulating the development of Africa’s tech start-up ecosystems and transforming ideas into tangible solutions with disruptive impact; investing in African tech start-ups: the good, the bad, the surprises and the opportunities; the factors impacting risk appetite for funding early stage start-ups, and what needs to happen for Africa to realise its potential as a world-class hub of entrepreneurship.

Tech entrepreneurs tackling Africa’s social, economic, environmental challenges

The second day’s agenda kicks off with a keynote address about tech entrepreneurs tackling Africa’s social, economic and environmental challenges. Other hot topics presented during the day include strengthening connections between academic centres of innovation and African tech start-ups; the thought process behind investment decisions; a panel discussion on investor insights and how to stand out from the crowd; understanding investor mentalities, priorities and reservations; what separates the dreamers from the doers and tips on pitching your start-up.

Also on the agenda are presentations on exploring new opportunities in Francophone Africa; what are tech giants and other large corporates doing to stimulate the growth of Africa’s tech start-up ecosystem; exploring the benefits of corporate and start-up partnerships in Africa; building synergies between MNOs and African tech start-ups, and an open debate on whether the African tech start-up scene diverse enough.

We’re also pleased to welcome Kenyan agri-tech start-up Taimba, winner of the Disrupt Africa Live Pitch Competition at East Africa Com, to the stage.

Effectively balancing social impact and financial return

The third and final day of the AHUB presentations will include stimulating discussion around effectively balancing social impact and financial return; the hottest sectors for technology-enabled investments; getting to grips with start-up funding models in Africa; practical advice on when and how to engage potential investors; minimising growing pains while scaling up your business; a data protection briefing for African tech start-ups, and what’s been done to build a pipeline of entrepreneurial talent to lead Africa’s future tech giants.

AHUB at AfricaCom is proud to showcase the 8 ventures selected for the 2018 VC4A Venture Showcase – Series A

Last year we brought you top-quality World Bank XL Africa start-ups and this year we’re very excited to announce that the AHUB will host live pitches from the 2018 VC4A Venture Showcase – Series A portfolio. Expect technology innovation at its best and a new class of investment opportunity.

These companies represent a new class of investment opportunity coming up across the African continent. The selected ventures have strong revenues, are well positioned for regional and international expansion, and demonstrate important innovations that are disrupting industries like agriculture, healthcare, housing, transportation, and finance.

The AHUB speaker line-up includes:
  • Eric Osiakwan, Managing Partner, Chanzo Capital
  • Emilian Popa, Principal, DiGAME Investment Company
  • Sadamoudou Kaba, Senior Manager, Orange Fab, Orange Côte d’Ivoire
  • Andrea Böhmert, Co-Managing Partner, Knife Capital
  • Brandon Paschal, Head of Incubation, The LaunchLab
  • Max Cuvellier, Head of Ecosystem Accelerator, GSMA
  • Dominique Kavuisya, Founder, Taimba
  • Ian Lessem, CEO, HAVAIC
  • Zachariah George, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Startupbootcamp
  • Philip Kiracofe, CEO and Co-Founder, Startupbootcamp
  • Martin Karanja, Senior Market Engagement Manager, Ecosystem Accelerator, GSMA

AfricaCom 2018 will bring together 14 000 attendees, 450 speakers and 400 exhibitors showcasing technologies and solutions covering everything from 5G, AI, IoT, Fintech, Blockchain and beyond, with a host of new content and exciting developments.

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