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A Ready Business never misses an opportunity

Whether you’re in the office or on the move, you need to be able to respond and react at a moment’s notice. We continue looking at some of Vodacom's key and exciting offerings, positioning enterprise customers for the smart technology era and being competitive.

Vodacom One Net Business

If you want to integrate mobile and fixed networks, Vodacom One Net Business is the right solution. Vodacom takes care of the platform, enabling you to focus on improving productivity with reduced monthly costs. Let us manage your wider telecommunication needs through our great range of services including mobile, security, email and document management.

Vodacom One Net Business combines fixed and mobile telephony services into one cloud-based Unified Communications solution, reducing the number of missed calls, making costs more predictable and keeping your Ready Business better connected.

One Net Business converges your fixed and mobile services. You determine how, when and where and on which device you want to answer that important customer call or message. Communications can be routed seamlessly from your desktop, tablet, fixed or cellphone at a push of a button.

A Ready Business capitalises on fixed and mobile convergence across any device

Vodacom offers greater agility, productivity and efficiency with less complex solutions:

  1. Fixed and mobile convergence: Allows the user to determine how fixed and mobile calls will be answered and managed between devices.
  2. One voicemail for your customers: Your cellphone and landline number become one. Be available using one number on all end devices regardless of whether you’re in the office, at home, abroad or on your cellphone. One single voicemail inbox means you’ll never miss calls from customers again.
  3. One provider: For all your fixed and mobile requirements.
  4. Future-proofed, Unified Communications technology in the cloud: Regular new software releases and an easy-to-use self-service portal that lets you manage your One Net Business services directly.
  5. Direct calls: To the right department or person across any device.
  6. Always ready to answer: Monitor the call availability of colleagues and direct calls as needed.
  7. Better collaboration: With diverse collaboration tools, your teams can work together more efficiently than ever, independent of location, time and end device.

Vodacom’s One Net Business services provide all the benefits of:
  • Voice, through advanced unified communications features which includes: enterprise telephony, hunt groups, auto attendant, conference calling, receptionist, executive/assistant, and more
  • Instant Messaging and presence
  • Video collaboration
  • Content sharing through a single platform
  • A range of IP Phones and apps that will enhance the fixed and mobile converged experience
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Internet for your office: Vodacom Connect Solutions

Vodacom’s Broadband Connect offers you affordable, high-speed broadband Internet access over a choice of five different access mediums:

  • Fibre
  • Wireless Lite
  • Wireless Premium
  • Satellite
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber line)
Connect Fibre

Broadband Connect Fibre is stable, durable and capable of carrying massive data loads at extraordinary speeds.

  • Fibre is the most scalable connectivity for small business
  • No risk of cable theft ensures that network is secure and always available
  • Increased productivity, cost savings and competitive edge
  • Provides high-speed Internet access over scalable fibre connectivity to the small business
Wireless Premium

We provide the wireless infrastructure at your premises, install the broadband router and support the service via a support helpdesk.

  • Less downtime with no risk of cable theft
Wireless Lite
  • No fixed-line installation required – virtually same day self-install connectivity.

We use the latest technology to optimise the satellite link and to bring you cost efficiencies, especially in unserved and underserved areas.

  • Vodacom’s satellite successes include extensive deployment in the agricultural sector, rural clinics, schools and police stations
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

Our business-grade DSL has fail-over functionality so the infrastructure is always available.

  • Low cost of entry
  • Quick to deploy – provided you have an existing landline

Four network solutions:

1. IPConnect Express

With IPConnect Express, you are confidently connected to Vodacom’s MPLS VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA Express) over broadband connectivity.

2. IPConnect

Dedicated access offerings are better suited to applications requiring quality of service, where you need the performance of your connectivity to be guaranteed, and bolstered by a service level agreement (SLA).


MPLS VPN is a managed network infrastructure delivered through a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) platform. Connecting to a VPN enables greater network speeds through efficient data transmission as well as reduced latency, while the MPLS ensures that your traffic is always prioritised.

4. Dedicated Internet Access

Vodacom Connect’s Dedicated Internet Access delivers you premium dedicated Internet services over uncontended bandwidth over fibre, microwave or satellite. Dedicated Internet Access is available over fibre, microwave and satellite.

Cloud and hosting services

As a Ready Business, information is always at your fingertips, stored securely, without virtual and physical threats, in the cloud.

The cloud makes collaboration easier, decisions faster and increases productivity. Vodacom provides you with cloud and hosting solutions and expertise attuned to your business needs.All you have to do is focus on your core business and be Ready for success.

Benefits for your organisation of using the Vodacom cloud include reducing your capital expenditure, less office space and hardware and energy expenses. In addition, the cloud allows for:

  • easy scalability and upgrading
  • licences (only for what you use)
  • usage-based pricing.
There are seven major categories of cloud and hosting services offered by Vodacom:

Security as a Service; Vodacom Hosted Services; Software as a Service; Platform as a Service; Desktop as a Service; Professional Services and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) makes your organisation more effective:

You can save on investing in data centres, cabinet infrastructures or actual servers. It’s a worry-free solution. The Iaas services of Vodacom are:

Enterprise Cloud:

You can run your infrastructure without having to worry about hardware maintenance and its costs. It is an easily scalable solution. Virtualisation will reduce costs, with an increase in reliability and redundancy.

Dedicated Hosting:

Ideal for companies that have outgrown a Shared Hosting solution, it is the next step up. Dedicated Hosting increases security compliance and performance. Vodacom Dedicated solutions allow you to refresh your new or existing hardware by leveraging off Vodacom’s buying power. We also provide customers with secure space in a cabinet.

Private Cloud:

Combines the robust infrastructure of our Dedicated Hosting offering with Vodacom’s flexible Enterprise Cloud solution – the best of both worlds.

You as a Vodacom Business client do not need to hire an internal IT department or outsource your IT to small firms; instead, you have access to 24/7/365 support when needed. Vodacom Business’ IaaS, SaaS and even DaaS are underpinned by a strong service-orientated foundation.

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