West Coast Business Development Forum (WCBDF)

Working together to grow the West Coast economy.

Aims and objectives
  • Establish robust and reliable dialogue of large firms with relevant bodies in the public sector.
  • Prioritise and reduce stifling factors, case-by-case.
  • Focus on growing the West Coast District economy.
  • Up to 20 large/leading firms in the West Coast District (in terms of size and innovation)
  • Government: municipal, provincial, national
  • Relevant State-Owned Entities (SOEs)
  • Representatives of key sector clusters could be invited to join at a later stage.

Firms: ArcelorMittalSA, Club Mykonos, Duferco, Kaap-Agri, Kropz, Mittal, Mineral Sands Resources (MSR), Oceana, Pioneer, PPC, Sea Harvest, Swartland Boudienste, Tronox.

Government: Bergrivier Local Municipality, Cederberg LM, Matzikama LM, Saldanha Bay LM, Swartland LM, West Coast District Municipality.

Province: Department of Economic Development and Tourism, covering water, environment, energy, infrastructure and Spatial Development Frameworks.

National: National Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Industrial Development Corporation: National Infrastructure Plan has various Strategic Integrated Projects. Number 5 centres on Saldanha-Northern Cape development corridor and includes a focus on:

Integrated rail and port expansion:
  • Back-of-port industrial capacity (including an IDZ).
  • Strengthening maritime support capacity for oil and gas along African West Coast.
  • Expansion of iron-ore mining production and beneficiation.
State Owned Enterprises:

IDZ, Eskom, Transnet Ports, Transnet Rail.

Roles and responsibilities
  • Work together as a team, across institutional boundaries.
  • Participate and contribute to productive meetings.
  • Ongoing, anytime solution development and online group collaboration.
  • Record progress and keep everyone informed.
  • Work as a cross-institutional team to raise and resolve issues.
  • Discuss and build solutions for a more vibrant West Coast economy.
  • Promote the West Coast and support others doing the same.

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