National Small Business Chamber (NSBC)

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), established in 2007, is a non-profit membership organisation and the driving force fuelling small business growth. The real purpose behind the organisation is fostering the sustainability and growth of the SME sector, driving job creation, alleviating unemployment and nurturing the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The NSBC is committed to helping SMEs to grow, learn, network, connect, be inspired, succeed and have fun! This we do by constantly researching, conceiving and developing unique and meaningful success mechanisms for our SME base.

The NSBC will do whatever it takes to make a positive difference to the everyday life of the South African SME Entrepreneur and Business Owner. |

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There is nothing small about the impact small businesses have on our economy

South Africa has hundreds of thousands of small businesses and there’s nothing small about the impact these small businesses have on our country’s economy.

Only 6% of small businesses get relief funding

The COVID-19 Small Business Relief Centre was recently launched by the National Small Business Chamber to assist small businesses during this crisis.

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