Eco-Industrial Solutions (EIS)

Eco-Industrial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (EIS) was established to create an innovative industrial park combined with a nature park in the northern area of Limpopo. The Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park (LEIP) will be Africa’s first zero solid-waste eco-industrial park.

Municipal waste and renewable energy will be utilised to provide syngas and power for industrial enterprises within the park. Waste from the park will be contained and disposed of within the park through the application of plasma gasification technology and a closed-loop water management system.


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MoU signed to establish Intermodal Terminal Facility in Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park

Design of the ITF will start before the end of 2019, building on the initial design and cost engineering studies.

The world’s first zero solid-waste eco-industrial and integrated nature park

The Limpopo Eco-Industrial Park will set new standards in ecologically sound industrial development.

Promoting a symbiotic relationship between people, planet and profit

An interview with Webster Mfebe, Board Chair of the world’s first zero solid waste eco-industrial park.

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