CompCare Medical Scheme

We bring you the perfect blend of care, coverage and value

With seven benefit-rich CompCare options on offer, it is easier than ever to choose the perfect product to fit your lifestyle and budget. We also offer Efficiency Discounted products with discounted premiums of up to 25% on all product options. At CompCare we understand the value of a holistic, primary healthcare approach that is focused on members, as well as on preventing illness while bringing healthcare within reach of every member of the family, at every stage of life. Known for its holistic approach to health, CompCare offers some of the finest preventative and promotional health benefits in the industry.

Apart from free gym membership as part of its exercise prescription benefit, our members regularly get to consult with accredited biokineticists and dietitians. CompCare is one of few medical schemes to cover all costs relating to sports injuries, including injuries sustained when participating in extreme and adventure sports.


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