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Small Business Hub

Small Business Hub

Free State small businesses to access national buyers in 2020

Conference and Expo set to help boost the local economy through the support of local small business, 24-26 February 2020.

Igniting the entrepreneurial mindset of community-based small business owners

SMME's win at recent Community Enterprises Exhibition as a result of transformative and targeted learning.

Developing Western Cape Manufacturers

The Western Cape Manufacturing Indaba, hosted with the support of the City of Cape Town on 6 November 2019 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, will once again be an event not to be missed.

Decade of the Artisan advocacy campaign hits the Western Cape

1 200 learners were rallied up for a day of learning, and motivated to consider artisanship as a career of choice in the 21st Century.

Youth Entrepreneurship Expo a catalyst for new ideas and an incubator for success

This year, 75 students exhibited their ideas at the Youth Entrepreneurship Expo with the aim to secure seed capital to start their businesses.

KZN Construction Expo

The Hub for the KwaZulu-Natal Construction Industry.

The Junior Indaba 2020

Resources 4 Africa is pleased to announce the 6th edition of the annual Junior Indaba, taking place at the Johannesburg Country Club, Auckland Park, on 3rd & 4th November 2020.

Investing in a small business: what they look for

Do you need an injection of money to get your business off the ground? Or to grow it to new heights? Here are six questions investors ask.

How will the National Budget affect the small business/entrepreneur?

You are invited to an analysis and assessment of our National Budget: How does it affect the small business/entrepreneur?

Small business equals big potential for South Africa

The Shop Small movement aims to put small businesses across South Africa firmly in the spotlight, by encouraging individuals to support, visit and spend at a small business all year round, especially on Fridays.

Downloads & Resources

New agricultural sites are planned for defunct mines in Mpumalanga

A 2020 overview of Agriculture and agri-processing in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

CPT+U SMME Covid-19 Toolkit

Apply for a limited edition SMME COVID-19 Toolkit filled with essentials that will help you get back to work safely.

An extensive guide to COVID-19 funding options for small businesses

Find information on the various funds which are available here.

Micro Enterprises

Supplier MatchUp – a remedy for SMMEs during the COVID-19 crisis

The inaugural online event presented SMMEs with the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with big-business buyers.

CPT+U SMME Covid-19 Toolkit

Apply for a limited edition SMME COVID-19 Toolkit filled with essentials that will help you get back to work safely.

Employment Law for SMME’s

The Cape Chamber invites you to a webinar with Stuart Harrison and Henry Rossouw, Directors at ENSafrica as our guest speakers via Microsoft Teams.