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Rivertown Precinct development

The Rivertown Precinct development project is aimed at promoting diversity of arts, culture and entertainment with emphasis on improving the public realm and encouraging public and private sector investment in this precinct.

  • Catalytic Project: Category B (projects in preparation)

Project description

The development comprises improvements in landscaping, public walkways, street lights, street furniture and CCTV cameras to create a safe and an aesthetically pleasing physical environment to bring back investor confidence in the inner-city.

It also involves the conversion of Shepstone Road to a 2-way, to allow for a more pedestrian friendly environment, which is in line with the vision of the Local Area Plan (LAP).

Locality of the Rivertown Precinct development

Socio-economic benefits

  • Investment Value: R1.3-billion
  • Annual Rates: R35-million
  • Construction Jobs: 1 500
  • Permanent Jobs: 3 000
  • Other:
    • Connected city
    • Accessible city
    • Walkable city
    • Aesthetically pleasing environment
    • Bring back investor confidence in the Inner-city
    • Eradicate criminality
    • Improve quality of the physical environment
Artist’s impression

Project status*

  • An Urban Design vision has been completed for Rivertown precinct and is included in the Central Precinct within the Inner-city LAP and regeneration strategy.
  • The Beerhall is being revamped and the public realm upgrades of streets surrounding are underway.
  • Propertuity is the major developer in the precinct, buying and converting old and dilapidated buildings for mixed use development in line with the Inner-city LAP.

Key issues / challenges

  • Obtaining buy-in converting Shepstone Road and Mahatma Ghandi into 2-way.
  • Architecture implementing a cardboard recycling plant within the precinct.
  • Sourcing appropriate funding model for social or gap housing.

Response and way forward

  • Meeting with DPDC, UM-SUNRISE and City departments to formulate a framework that would address all the needs of the different stakeholders within the Point and Rivertown Precincts.
  • Convert Shepstone Road into 2-way as a pilot project.

*At time of publication

Contact / enquire

For the most current update on opportunities, project progress, outstanding actions and investment requirements, please contact Invest Durban.


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