Lesedi evolved from Intens Engineering, which was founded in the mid-1980s, soon after the commissioning of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Lesedi’s main shareholder is Framatome (previously AREVA and renamed in January 2018). Our international nuclear services business unit focuses on exporting core skills and, thanks to AREVA/ Framatome’s global presence, Lesedi provides services and training worldwide.

Today Lesedi is engaged with some of the most significant projects at Koeberg including plant life extension through the replacement of the Steam Generators, the replacement of the water storage tanks (PTR) as well as other modifications required for Koeberg’s life extension.

This work is supplemented by contracts with a number of foreign nuclear power stations located in England, Brazil, China, France and the USA.

Experts in Nuclear

Lesedi has been executing upgrade and maintenance projects at Eskom’s Koeberg Nuclear Power Station in Cape Town, South Africa for almost 30 years.

This work includes having completed over 150 modifications on the plant and is supplemented by nuclear services contracts with a number of foreign nuclear power stations and includes over 75 interventions located in England, Brazil, China, France and the USA.


  • Power island modifications and upgrades
  • Outage maintenance services (valves and pumps)
  • Nuclear & conventional HVAC maintenance and upgrades
  • OEM support for projects
  • Nuclear fuel handling
  • Life extension modifications & upgrades

Operations & Maintenance – International nuclear services

Provision of personnel globally enables Lesedi to:
  • Retain and maintain certified and authorised nuclear skills for Koeberg
  • Recruit and train additional resources
  • Assemble a core international team of 40 people
  • Assemble a local South African team of 130 people
  • Make substantial upfront financial commitments for training
  • Offer planned and unplanned maintenance
Learn more about the company’s resources, and industrial and nuclear projects successfully executed (PDF).

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