In an entrepreneur’s life, access to speedy and reliable legal services is crucial. Legal solutions must keep up with the pace of a growing business and the dynamism of change. If legal solutions are not considered as an integral component of the business mix, an organisation runs a real risk of failure as a result of decisions which are ill-informed. In the case of a start-up or SME, this often means the end of an idea or a dream.

The fact is that for too long legal services have been out of reach for many SME’s and start-ups. As a result, many have gone without these essential services, often with dire long-term consequences, or have resorted to using free templates from unreliable sources from the Internet, with no guidance on use or completion.

The SchoemanLaw SME Self- Service Desk TM, scheduled to launch on 01 December 2017, aims to address this and fill the gap by providing an affordable and reliable professional solution to start-ups and SME’s. The firm is an innovative Cape Town based law firm, and is launching this disruptive technology in celebration of its 10-year anniversary.

SchoemanLaw is partnering with WECBOF on this initiative, and hopes to reach, and sign-up, as many entrepreneurs/SMMEs as possible.

The system functionality is simple and all the documents on offer have been hand crafted by a team of experts who focus on serving the needs of entrepreneurs. The user therefore enjoys all the benefits of a professionally constructed legal document or agreement without the costly price tag.

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Nicolene Schoeman-Louw on 021 425 5604 or by email.

About SchoemanLaw Inc

  • Full company name

SchoemanLaw Inc Attorneys, Conveyancers, and Notaries Public.

  • What is your core function/what do you specialise in?

SchoemanLaw Inc Attorneys, Conveyancers, and Notaries Public, based in Cape Town, is a boutique law firm that offers a wide range of legal services.

SchoemanLaw has an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset that distinguishes it from other law firms. We apply our first-hand understanding of the challenges facing entrepreneurs (regardless of their business size) to develop proven, practical solutions incorporating legal compliance, risk aversion, and business sense.

SchoemanLaw is also the owner of the innovative solution being the SchoemanLaw SME Self- Service Desk TM. It is the first of its kind online legal document/agreement solution. For clients needing additional support or legal advice, the firm offers a suite of tailored entrepreneurial legal services. We also offer a range of fee agreements to suit any client’s need regardless of industry or size of the business.

  • What would you say is your distinct point of difference?

We have been – and continue to be – the preferred law firm for entrepreneurs since 2007. For too long legal services have been out of reach for many SME’s and start-ups; SchoemanLaw Inc and its SME Self- Service Desk aims to address this and fill the gap and level the playing field by providing an affordable and reliable professional solution to start-ups and SME’s.

Unlike similar initiatives in the market, this is supported by a well-established, reputable professional law firm.

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Tel: 021 425 5604

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SchoemanLaw and WECBOF share similar values. WECBOF is an organisation that truly provides opportunities for all businesses. Moreover, it is a community, not just another network, where entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and support each other in order to succeed. We are proud to be associated with, and to strive to making a tangible difference together.

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