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Access your entire financial world with Standard Bank

For your everyday spending to the more sophisticated foreign currency exchanges, Standard Bank has a solution for both you and your business.

For your everyday spending to the more sophisticated foreign currency exchanges, Standard Bank has a solution for both you and your business.

We are living in an era where digital is the way of life. Standard Bank is a leading player in this exciting forward moving and thinking arena. Standard Bank offers you and your business, solutions designed to make your everyday banking relevant, convenient and edgy.

For your everyday spending to the more sophisticated foreign currency exchanges, Standard Bank has a solution for both you and your business. We proudly service the Western Cape, South Africa and the rest of Africa, a place we are proud to call home.

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The Shyft app is a global digital wallet for Android and iOS. You can use Shyft whenever you need to send, spend or exchange funds in USD, EUR, GBP and AUD.

What can I do with Shyft?
  • Payments and transfers: Securely send money anywhere
  • Currency pockets: Buy any of the four currencies at live rates and store them in handy currency pockets
  • A Shyft Card: Use your physical card when you need to swipe to make a purchase
  • Virtual cards (online): Create prepaid cards that are funded from your currency pockets and use them for all your online purchases.
  • Online shopping on international websites
What types of transactions can I make?

You can use Shyft to:

  • Purchase foreign currencies
  • Transfer funds outside of South Africa
  • Pay for expenses incurred while travelling
  • Buy goods in a foreign currency

For more information on Shyft, visit:

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Instant Money allows you to send money to anyone in South Africa by just using their cell phone number. Just like buying airtime and loading it on your phone, you can buy Instant Money vouchers and send them to anyone in South Africa to cash them out. You don’t need a bank account and you don’t need to fill in any forms when sending money to people.


With Instant Money Bulk Payments, your business can easily pay seasonal employees, casual workers, cash suppliers and other cash allowances. No more queues or cash handling.

For more information on InstantMoney and InstantMoney Bulk Payments, visit:

Shopping on your computer, tablet or smartphone has never been easier thanks to Standard Bank MasterPass™ – the new digital payment service powered by MasterCard®. With MasterPass, you simply shop, click and checkout faster online.

Just click the MasterPass button at checkout to enjoy:

  • Convenience: MasterPass stores all your payment cards (Debit as well as Credit) and shipping information in one convenient place.
  • Safety: The multi-tiered security built into MasterPass makes it as safe as it is convenient.
  • Speed: Create an account once and skip checkout forms forever.

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Whether you own an established shop or you’re a small market vendor, a service company sending invoices via email or SMS, or any store with an online shop, SnapSacn powered by Standard Bank has you covered.

  • Convenience: Signing up is quick and easy, and you can complete the entire process online, here.
  • Safe: Customers don’t have to hand over their cards, plus we ensure confirmation is immediate and reconciliation is kept simple
  • Affordable: We charge no sign up or monthly subscription fee, nor do we require any expensive hardware

SnapScan is a smartphone app that lets customers use their smartphone to pay for things in shops, at home or online. It’s an easy way for both big and small businesses to accept simple, secure card payments. SnapSacn supports credit cards and most debit cards from any local bank, as well as 3D Secure-enabled international bank cards.

To sign up with SnapSacn, visit:

Standard Bank APP available for multiple digital devices

Stay in control of your personal finances with elegant and intuitive account views. From insurance to vehicle finance, and offshore accounts to share trading portfolios, you’ll see all your financial products in one convenient app.

  • Do transfers between your accounts
  • Make payments and add recipients
  • Buy prepaid airtime and electricity
  • Send money without banking details
  • Withdraw money without a card
  • Find ATMs, branches and Access Points


For more information on the Standard Bank App, visit:


If your business is mobile and you’re always out and about visiting customers, BluMobi offers you a secure card payment solution that eliminates the need to accept or carry cash or follow up on invoice payments. BluMobi works with a smartphone or tablet and doesn’t require fixed data or a telephone line. It’s efficient, it’s safe and it’s reliable.

BluMobi – an EMV* – certified mobile point-of-sale solution – which allow you to process PIN-based debit and credit card payments instantly and securely wherever you are. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and a BluMobi device.

BluMobi is ideal for any business, but is particularly beneficial for:

  • Businesses without access to fixed data or telephone lines
  • Mobile traders
  • Mobile repair teams
  • Mobile service representatives
  • Seasonal or weekend traders
  • Delivery and courier services.

There are two ways to obtain BluMobi:

  1. Registering on the app
  2. Phoning 086 1001 200

BluMobi device:

  1. You can buy a BluMobi device.
  2. You can rent a BluMobi device from us.

To sign up with BluMobi and to get more information, visit:

Business Online

We are proud to offer a Business Banking Platform that is used by over 42 000 businesses, processing transactions equaling R200-billion monthly.

Business Online is Standard Bank’s electronic banking tool for businesses.
Business Online is secure, stable and easy to use.

Business Online:
  • Facilitate transactions that occur within South Africa.
  • International Banking module facilitate cross-border payments.

Business Online enables users to:

  • Manage a variety of accounts off one platform
  • Designate certain duties to certain users providing additional security
  • Facilitate collections from their customers
  • Make payments with option to select a variety of different release/action dates
  • Manage liquidity
  • Reset passwords and manage own users

For more information on Business Online, please visit

Standard Bank New Online Banking

Standard Bank will soon be welcoming all of our customers to ONE Online Banking site that offers convenience, simplicity and additional features.

Current benefits include:

  • International Payment
  • Statements
  • Manage Monthly Payment Limits
  • Online Account Application
  • Pay Traffic Fines
  • Pay Multiple Benefeciaries

Added Benefits on the new platform will include:

  • Immediate Payment

Customers can make use of the immediate payment functionality when making a once-off or beneficiary payment.


Customers can now pay the accounts of third party service providers (biller) such as, SARS, participating municipalities and many more!

When using this feature, customers are able to do the following

  • When using this feature, customers are able to do the following:
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe to a biller
  • Able to make single or multiple bill payments
  • Make full or partial payments
  • Customers will be able to download, print and send their payment notifications online.
Instant Money

Customers can easily send money to a recipient, who does not need to have a bank account and they can redeem the money in real time

Unit Trust

Customers can access their Unit Trust portfolio from their Account Summary page, under the Invest Tab.

  • View Unit Trusts account details, units market value and associated Tax interest yield.
  • The following functions can also be performed:
  1. Buy more units.
  2. Switch units between their accounts.
  3. Download their portfolio view in CSV format.

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For additional information, please contact Standard Bank.





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