Following the success of the 2018 conference, the next Mozvest Conference – Oil, Gas and Energy Mozambique 2019 – will take place 29 August 2019 at The Bay Hotel, Cape Town.

Oil, Gas and Energy Mozambique 2019 will showcase current and available services and investment opportunities in Mozambique within the Oil, Gas and Energy sectors. Mozvest Conferences creates a unique platform to network, engage and gain valuable insight from influential stakeholders, quality speakers and leading industry experts active in Mozambique’s Oil, Gas and Energy sectors.

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Attending Oil, Gas and Energy Mozambique 2019 will provide you access to concrete opportunities and topics ranging from strategy, skills shortage, operating efficiency, investment, and technical know-how. Mozvest provides you with integral information that is invaluable to any potential investor and business.

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Benefits of attending

  • Participate in the conference and receive access to all conference sessions
  • Gain inside knowledge and information from leading industry experts
  • Become aware of the current investable and service opportunities and projects available in Mozambique’s Oil, Gas and Energy Sector
  • You can become part of the development of Mozambique’s oil & gas and energy Sector
  • Be able to connect and cement opportunities and greater business partnerships
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Topics of discussion

  • Mozambique’s Oil and Gas Exploration outlook and current opportunities available
  • Renewable Energy’s Potential, Policies and Opportunities
  • Mozambique’s macro-economic indicators and phenomenal growth factors
  • The legalities, procedures and requirements needed for investment in Mozambique
    Cabo Delgado province and Afungi Park highlighted
  • Mozambican local content law, the importance of the promotion of partnership between Mozambican and South African companies
  • Mozambique’s macro-economic indicators and phenomenal growth factors
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The MOZVEST Conferences was created to promote investment opportunities in Mozambique with a specific focus across the Oil, Gas, Mining, Energy, Agriculture,
Logistics and Tourism Sectors.

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