Building the next generation of ports and rail in West Africa

Improved trade and transport linkages between West African countries are driving new markets for business and investment. As West African ports and rail authorities collaborate to dramatically expand facilities and improve hinterland connections, the potential of the region’s economy grows exponentially.

West African Ports and Rail Evolution is designed for ports and rail authorities, terminal operators, shipping lines, bulk exporters, investors and governments looking to forge new frontiers for the economy through ports and rail connectivity, optimisation and new business opportunities.

  • West African ports: The expansion and modernisation of ports infrastructure is a key driver of West Africa’s macroeconomic development. Get up to date on how the 4th industrial revolution is shaping the next generation of maritime transport infrastructure in the region from digitization to the development of smart ports and increased hinterland connectivity.
  • West African railways: Railway development is key to unlocking hinterland access, boosting exports and reaching the full export potential of West Africa’s markets. Establish best practices for rail infrastructure maintenance, rolling stock and operational safety at West Africa’s only event dedicated to the expansion and oversight of West Africa’s hinterland transport network.
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The 3rd annual West African Ports and Rail Evolution conference, taking place at the Landmark Centre in Lagos, Nigeria from 22 to 23 July 2019, unites hundreds of ports and rail officials from across the region to mobilise intra-regional collaboration efforts and catalyse infrastructure delivery for the establishment of competitive trading hubs in West Africa.

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