In its endeavor to develop new sectors of activity within the creative arts industry, the Government of Mauritius has introduced the Film Rebate Scheme*.

The scheme allows refund on all the Qualifying Production Expenditures (QPPE) incurred by a film producer in respect of his/her project in Mauritius. Beside feature film, the Film Rebate Scheme applies to other category of production such as commercials, TV series/programmes and documentary programmes.

In line with this programme, the Mon Trésor smart city development on the island will include the development of Studio Babelsberg, which will offer world-class production facilities and services to international filmmakers and film and television producers.

Studio Babelsberg – Mon Trésor Mauritius

In Phase 1 of this development, the old Mon Trésor & Mon desert sugar factory is to be transformed into the Babelsberg Studio Headquarters and ancillary offices.

The old Mon Trésor & Mon desert sugar factory complex.
Proposed Massing

Studio Babelsberg will form part of the Mon Trésor smart city development.

Mon Trésor Mauritius

Mon Trésor is a smart, sustainable coastal town spanning today’s and tomorrow’s aspirations. Its exclusive edge is a splendid seafront. Blending in seamlessly with nature, the modern town offers, in its initial phase, residential properties, parks, a cycling and pedestrian network; a commercial centre, sports complex; beach house and business park.

Medical and education facilities and senior citizen housing will follow. Reconciling eco-responsibility and contemporary urbanism, Mon Trésor promises an easy-going, lively and fulfilling lifestyle.

Read more about Mon Trésor here.
Mon Trésor location.
Ground + 1 Gross Floor Area
Phase 1 / m² Phase 2 / m² Phase 3 / m²
Offices 6 010 4 800 10 810
Stages 4 693 4 250 8 343
Workshops 5 650 6 600 12 250
Costumes and Masks  1 200 1 200
Operations / Control / Security 396 189 585
F&B 204 204
Total / m² 16 953 m² 17 0398 m² 33 992 m²
Trailer Park 2000 m² 2 000 m² 4 000 m²
No. of Parking Spaces 504

Contact the developers

For more information, contact:
  • Emilie Oliver
    Business Development Manager
  • Kevin Gnany
    Account Manager – Commercial Property
    Mobile: +230 52 50 49 40
Precinct location

*For eligibility criteria, submission procedures and other relevant details, interested parties are requested to consult the Film Rebate Scheme guidelines on the Economic Development Board Mauritius (EDB) website (formerly known as the Board of Investment).

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