Business Gateway Mon Trésor – Office Park

Mon Trésor is the first urban development project in Mauritius to obtain the Smart City Certificate and opens up a plethora of investment opportunities. An integral part of the smart city development, the Business Gateway Mon Trésor Mauritius will offer world-class offices, retail facilities, logistics and Freeport light industrial infrastructure.

The Mon Trésor Offfice Park is in close proximity to the SSR International Airport, the Mon Trésor Commercial Park and Mon Trésor Freeport Park.

The park will offer A-Grade four-star infrastructure to connect businesses, firms and their respective professionals efficiently to international trade and partners.


Opportunities available in Mon Trésor Office Park

Business Gateway Phase 1: Block A1
  • Location: Mon Trésor Smart City
  • Block: A1
  • Rentable Area: 3,633 m²
  • Useable Area: 3,223 m²
  • Levels: Ground Floor: 995 m², First Floor: 1,114 m², Second Floor: 1,114 m²
  • Green Star Rated Building: Yes
  • Parking Ration: 3 per 100 m²
Business Gateway Phase 1: Block A2
  • Location: Mon Trésor Smart City
  • Block: A2
  • Rentable Area: 1,237 m²
  • Useable Area: 1,118 m²
  • Levels: Ground Floor: 350 m², First Floor: 384 m², Second Floor: 384 m²
  • Green Star Rated Building: Yes
  • Parking Ration: 3 per 100 m²
Business Gateway Phase 1: Block B
  • Location: Mon Trésor Smart City
  • Block: B
  • Rentable Area: 7,590 m²
  • Useable Area: 7,107 m²
  • Levels: Ground Floor: 1,054 m², First Floor: 1,505 m², Second Floor: 1,522 m², Third Floor: 1,522 m², Fourth Floor: 1,506 m²
  • Green Star Rated Building: Yes
  • Parking Ration: 3 per 100 m²
  • Tentative completion date: December 2019

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Rental agreement with potential tenants of Mon Trésor Office Park

RentMUR 595 per m²
Minimum Lease Term2 years
Termination of lease notice3 months
Annual Escalation5%
Deposit2 Months (refundable without interest) + 1 month Rent
Syndic fee paid in arrears (+ VAT)10% of monthly rental
Parking Ratio3 parking bays per 100 m²
Parking Bays (visitors)Shared
Basement Bay rentalMUR 2970 per bay monthly
Open Bay rentalMUR 2520 per bay monthly
Utilities costsFor tenant’s account:

  • Electrical meter will be supplied by Landlord
  • Water prorated basis
Syndic fees will cover mainly the following items:
  • Common area cost
  • Security
  • Building Management
  • Gardening
  • Refuse removal
  • Cleaning of common areas and external facades of building
  • Building equipment and lift repairs and maintenance
  • Other common operational costs
The above rental price is on a Shell and Core basis and the below will be provided to the tenants:
  • Shell partitioning only – Office front in glass and side walls in gypsum dry wall with 1 coat white paint
  • Air conditioning
  • One main electrical supply point
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Reasons why you should be doing business from Business Gateway Mon Trésor in Mauritius

  • High visibility frontage on new airport road;
  • Secure Office Park with efficient infrastructure;
  • Interconnected business community;
  • Tax incentives and benefits;
  • Possibility for foreigners of acquiring commercial and residential property;
  • Access to amenities such as Sport and Beach Club.

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