Defining the future of West Africa’s transport industry

Infrastructure – Maintenance – Expansion

As West African ports and rail authorities collaborate to dramatically expand facilities and improve hinterland connections, the potential of the region’s economy grows exponentially.

West African Ports and Rail Evolution is designed for ports and rail authorities, terminal operators, shipping lines, bulk exporters, investors and governments looking to forge new frontiers for the economy through ports and rail connectivity, optimisation and new business opportunities.

West African Ports and Rail Evolution provides a unique opportunity for coastal and hinterland stakeholders to identify proven, future-proofed solutions for demand driven port and rail expansion as well as best practices in operations and efficiency improvements.

This is the only event in West Africa dedicated to ports and rail that brings together the entire value chain of suppliers and buyers to discuss multi-modal requirements and infrastructure solutions to propel the industry forward.

Event at a glance

  • 1,000+ global attendees
  • 30+exhibitors
  • 100+  conference delegates
  • 10+ West African ports and rail authorities represented

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5 dedicated product zones

  • Ports Infrastructure and Expansion
  • Port Operations
  • Security and Information Technology
  • Rolling Stock & Components
  • Rail Infrastructure Maintenance

Exhibition and Sponsorship Enquiries:

Bukola Oluwasanmi
+234 122 789 26