Few destinations are as breath-taking as the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa.

As result of the country’s booming tourism industry, Mpumalanga Province is a centre of development and growth activity in South Africa.

While more tourists are visiting the Mpumalanga Province there is a shortage of quality tourism experiences, but there is no doubt that more money is required to be pumped into the development of new tourists’ attraction in the region.

Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA), which was founded in 2010 to provide funding to and promote foreign trade and investment in the Province, is developing various projects to stimulate growth and development.

The Blyde River Canyon Cable Car Project

The Blyde River Canyon is a significant landmark in Mpumalanga Province.

MEGA is in discussions with a possible investment partner to build the Blyde River Canyon Cable Car Project, which will transport tourists from the top of the Blyde River Canyon to the peninsula below in the middle of the Blyde Lake.

The cable car will provide an exciting experience and spectacular views over and around the Blyde Canyon and in the process generate income for the Province. This unique Blyde River Canyon Cable Car will be a major international tourist attraction and is seen to rival any similar project in the world.

Few destinations are as breath-taking as the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa. It is 25 kilometres in length and is, on average, around 750 metres deep with legendary viewing points such as the God’s Window, which provides some of the most spectacular views in South Africa.

It is also the deepest green canyon in the world, making it an attractive investment opportunity in tourism infrastructure.

MEGA in partnership with the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) – an Agency of the Mpumalanga Provincial Government – is in discussions with potential partners to build the Blyde River Canyon Cable Car Project.

  • The agency has completed a feasibility study and to commence soon an Environment Impact Analysis of the Cable Car in the Blyde River Canyon.
  • The expected capital cost requirements of the project will amount to about R500-million.
  • MEGA says a foreign direct investment would be considered for this massive project.
  • The licence to the potential investor to build the Cable Car transporting tourists will be based on Build, Operate and Transfer arrangement.
Interested parties are invited to contact MEGA to initiate a discussion.

At present, the way most tourists view the canyon is from developed viewpoints accessible by a good quality road infrastructure.

Helicopter and light aircraft flight through the Blyde River Canyon, and kayaking and rafting the Blyde River below are other tourism operations attracting foreign tourists.

This venture aims to complement other projects being developed by MEGA in the Mpumalanga Province, including the Blyde River Hydro Power Project and a Business Convention Centre.

“We anticipate that the Blyde River Canyon Cable Car Project can improve the quality of life of the people of Thaba Chweu Municipality and provide much-needed jobs in the region,” says Paresh Pandya, Manager: Investment Promotion at MEGA.

“We believe that this project will foster the sustainable growth and development of Mpumalanga’s economy by attracting, facilitating and maximising investments.”

Contact MEGA to invest in this unique project.

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