Centralisation of poultry production in Alfred Duma Local Municipality

The Alfred Duma Local Municipality seeks to achieve a high level of efficiency in this sector and begin to produce poultry at an advanced commercial level. This will be achieved by centralising the breeding activities that has (in the past) been occurring in different wards; and operated by many isolated co-operatives.

The Alfred Duma Local Municipality seeks to establish a highly commercialised poultry farming operation near eZakheni – Section E along the Pieters-eZakheni road near the new cemetery. The project is expected to contribute towards the creation of employment opportunities for local co-operatives; and contribute towards the creation of infrastructure, investment opportunities and economic growth in the region.

The project has seven (7) activity–components that can be described as follows:
Activity Description Resources Labour requirements
Maize & soya plantations A 200 m² area of land reserved for growing soya and maize that will be processed into feeds Land, water and light duty farming equipment 10 Persons
Feeds processing Raw soya & maize processed into feeds – to supply broilers, parents and layers A building and milling equipment 10 Persons
Hatchery Parents chickens used to produce fertile eggs to supply broiler houses A building with feeding equipment to house parent chickens 6 Persons
Broiler production Live chickens bred and raised for markets – sold as full birds and portions Ventilated broiler house breeding stock, parent houses 10 Persons
Abattoir Chickens slaughtered and sold as portions A building with full abattoir equipment 50 Persons
Egg production Egg laying and packaging for markets A building for packing and branding 12 Persons
Storage & warehouse Cold storage for processed chickens and storage space for eggs A separate building fitted with cold storage facility 10 Persons

Financial requirements

The project requires a total of R3 304 000.00 – to finance the following activities:

Estimated Cost
(A)   Establishment Costs
Site Clearance and Preparation 1 R10 000.00
Install Water & Drainage System 1 R20 000.00
Electricity Connect – Municipal Grid 1 R20 000.00
Fencing – Weld Mesh, Poles and Gates 1 R184 000.00
Broiler Houses – Holding 4000 Birds Each 4 R480 000.00
Parent House – Steel Structure 1 R110 000.00
Layer Houses – Holding 2000 Hens Each 2 R300 000.00
Milling – House & Equipment 1 R180 000.00
Hatchery Equipment – 2000 Chicks 1 R150 000.00
Abattoir – House & Equipment 1 R550 000.00
Cold Room – Storing Broilers and Eggs 1 R100 000.00
(B)   Furniture
Furniture & Shelves – Office and Packing Section 1 R50 000.00
(C)   Vehicles
A (4 Ton) Isuzu Truck with Refrigerated Canopy 1 R420 000.00
A (1 Ton) Isuzu Bakkie with Air-Conditioned Canopy 1 R340 000.00
(D)   Working Capital
Stock – 4000 Layers 4000 R360 000.00
Stock – 4000 Fertilised Eggs for Broilers 4000 R18 000.00
Stock – 200 Parents 210 R12 000.00
Total Funding Required   R3 304 000.00
If this opportunity is of interest to you as an investor, please contact Alfred Duma Local Municipality to discuss.

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