Mpumalanga Province seeks to become a major player in hosting corporate meetings, exhibitions, and government meetings, striving to attain its vision to promote foreign trade and investment in the country.

Situated in the cultural heartland of Mpumalanga, Emalahleni City offers parasailing, golfing, scenic hiking, and adrenaline pumping 4×4 trails. The City is also closer to one of the most popular tourist areas in South Africa, the Kruger National Park, where you can be entertained by the Big 5 animals.

The province’s economic growth agency, Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA) has set in motion a process to develop the business centre in Emalahleni to ensure that economic tourists continue to contribute to the development of the City and surrounding areas.

This will be a world-class hospitality centre.

Says Paresh Pandya, Manager: Investment Promotion at MEGA, “Infrastructure development remains key to the economic growth of every economy. Mpumalanga is investing in tourism infrastructure to create much-needed jobs and spur the economic growth of the area.”

MEGA has identified land with basic services in Emalahleni that is suitable for the development of this business centre. The centre will target niche markets such as association events, exhibitions, corporate and government meetings.

“The business centre project would be a major economic catalyst for Emalahleni City and the Mpumalanga Province in general, considering how other cities locally and globally have benefitted from business centres, contributing to economic, tourism and employment growth,” says Pandya.

The agency has completed a business plan and feasibility study for the business centre. The funding required to construct and commission the new 12, 000 square metre Emalahleni Business Centre is expected to be about R903-million.

This will be a great investment to the City of Emalahleni and an investor keen on the project will be developing a business centre that will contribute to the advancement of the South African hospitality and tourism industry.

“It is well documented that a business or convention centre becomes a major asset to the economy of its host city, as it directly draws global wallets of business people that are not within its reach,” says Pandya. “We are aware that the business centre will enable the City of Emalahleni to break into the lucrative market of business tourism.”

The development of the business centre will also benefit the community of Emalahleni through job creation and partnerships with contract firms, while realising the vision of MEGA to spearhead several economic projects that contribute to the economic growth and development of the province.

Business centres are renowned for offering a dedicated and distraction-free environment for meetings, exhibitions, and other important meetings. Furthermore, a development of the business centre in Emalahleni will empower the youth of the City and surrounding areas with much-needed skills, as the owners of the centre will train more staff members.

The business centre will also provide the City’s citizens with world-class facilities to utilise for several events. “This is a priority project because of its synergies with other developments as well as its inherent tourism potential,” says Pandya.

Investors interested in the development of the Emalahleni Business Centre are encouraged to contact MEGA (the Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency).